First Loop: March 23rd, 2019 – 10 AM to 6 PM
Community concert at 7 PM

The Loop at Moapa Valley is a free annual non-profit family friendly bicycle event that takes locals and visitors on a tour of local arts and crafts, farms, cottage food producers, an animal sanctuary, fire trucks, real estate, community organizations, restaurants and foodtrucks, churches and historical landmarks through an easy scenic ride, from green pastures to sandy mesas in beautiful Moapa Valley, Nevada. It runs continuously from 10 AM to 6 PM, and visitors are invited to a free concert at 7 PM, courtesy of Moapa Valley Performing Arts Council.

Update March 20th: Unfortunately the youth rodeo stop, Equus Ranch stop and 4B Ranch stop were just canceled. A statewide quarantine on equine events was issued by the state veterinarian due to an equine virus outbreak (EHIV). Foodtrucks have been relocated to other parts of the route. The paper maps have already been printed so these will reflect some innacuracies when they are handed out to riders on Saturday. Make sure to check the online map for the latest lineup of stops on the day of the event. All other stops are unaffected.

The Loop is organized by Moapa Valley Revitalization Project, a non-profit with a goal to revitalize and develop tourism to the Moapa Valley.

Stops are operated by local volunteers and organizations.

While the event is completely free to visitors we encourage you to bring a small amount of cash with you if you would like to enjoy any products, services or food for sale at any of the stops, as most of the stops are not setup for credit cards. A limited number of ATMs is available. Of course you will also need to bring your bikes and plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 19 miles
  • Time 1 h 29 min
  • Speed 12 mph
  • Min altitude 1,391 ft
  • Peak 1,453 ft
  • Climb 108 ft
  • Descent 115 ft

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